16 June 2010

Awesome 29th

I turned 29 on the sixth of June. It was a perfect day. My mom, dad and brother picked us (me, Chris and Bannack) up at 9:30am for our hike to Crow Creek Falls out side of Radersburg. My mom even had warm banana nut muffins for us! Yum Yum. We drove, and drove, and drove, laughing and talking and teasing that we might be lost until we finally found the trail head. We went on a glorious 3.5 mile hike to the Falls. Because it was my birthday and I find it exhilarating to dip in mountain lakes, I stripped down and jumped in. Delightful. As you can see from the photos we were all in good spirits and the wildflowers were extraordinary!


Colleen said...

It was a great day!

astroblastro said...

Great post sis. I'm using the orchid photo for a post on my own RIGHT NOW!

Bella Vida Photography said...

Glad to hear you had such a great bday! That's an adorable picture of Chris and Bannack! :)

-- linds